Our wines are rooted in the premium vineyards of the renowned wine village of Forst, in Germany's Pfalz winegrowing region. The parcels are sheltered from rain and wind by the Palatinate Forest.
The estate itself is seated at the heart of an old cobblestone town street. Markus Spindler currently cultivates 20 ha of vines, with a strong focus on organic principles. "Our heart beats for White Riesling...," grown on over 80% of our vineyards and vinified individually in all of its variants.
The family's methods and philosophies of winegrowing have been passed down through the years, with each new generation tasked with updating the practices for modern times. A consistent push towards top quality was and remains our utmost goal.


Sontag Spindler comes to Forst during the 30 Years War.


Sontag Spindler purchases the famous Forster KIRCHENSTÜCK vineyard from the Spital in Deidesheim.


Erection of the estate house at Weinstr. 46, which still stands today.


The first documented wine auction was held at our estate.


Royal Bavarian Vineyard Classification assigns the Forst vineyards top marks of 56 to 65 points (out of 65 points).


Johann-Josef Spindler splits the estate into three separate entities: Weingut Heinrich Spindler, Weingut Lindenhof Eugen Spindler and Weingut Wilhelm Spindler.


Opening of the Gutsausschank Spindler.


Hans Spindler (born 1948) assumes management of operations.


Purchase of vineyards from Forster Weingut Ferd. Heinemann.


Markus Spindler (born 1979) begins work at the estate.


The winery celebrates its 400th anniversary

"Premium wines can only arise when a variety of small but crucial conditions are achieved." This ethos drives us and our work day after day.
Shell limestone, basalt, colored sandstone. The premium Forst vineyards feature a variety of different rock types. The deep roots of the vines draw up the diverse minerals and store them in the grapes. This shapes our wines and lends them a characteristic minerality.
Grapes require a healthy and diverse ecosystem to ripen to the ideal levels of health needed to achieve distinctive and lively wines. For this reason we cultivate our vineyards strictly based on organic winegrowing guidelines. Homemade compost, diverse cover crops and strictly biological plant management techniques are essential for us.
Just as in the past, we continue to work each vine individually by hand. Winter pruning, canopy management in spring and summer, as well as selective hand harvest in autumn form the crucial foundation for our premium bottles.
For us, the greatest challenge in the cellar is preserving the full range of natural aromatics. The grapes are pressed gently, with low pressure levels. The use of pumps is limited, with gravity instead employed whenever possible to transfer the fluids.
Wine is both a natural product and a cultural treasure. For this reason we intentionally retain vintage markers and the "sharp edges" on our wines. This individuality is precisely what makes our wines so interesting.
Join us in our tasting room at the estate house and taste this philosophy for yourself. We're always happy for the chance to listen to your preferences and work with you to find the right wine.
Enjoy our wines with local or seasonal specialties, which are served in our Gutsausschank in the cozy restaurant or in the beautiful guest garden. As long as the sun provides warmth, you can relax under the vine arbor and forget the rest of the world for moments.
We look forward to seeing you!